Tahawus Memories 1941-1963 tells the story of Tahawus, New York, a unique Adirondack community which existed for only twenty-two years. Created from the urgency of World War II demands, Tahawus was at one time the site of the world’s largest titanium mine. The 312-page book, containing over 500 photographs, recounts community life through the recollections of former residents and contemporary news accounts. Author Leonard A. Gereau has gathered information from numerous sources to provide a glimpse into the surprising array of activities in his very special hometown.



Gene A. Roche, Executive Professor at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, commented “Tahawus Memories is a fascinating resource for anyone interested in the history of New York State’s Adirondack region. The author’s personal experience and hundreds of interviews, letters, photos and other materials combine to produce a compelling story of life in this isolated mountain community that was totally dismantled and relocated by National Lead Company in 1963. Len Gereau’s history of the village of Tahawus is a powerful reminder of how our communities shape our lives.”


According to Christine Campeau, School Programs Manager/Educator at the Adirondack Museum, “This captivating account of a mining company town in the heart of the Adirondacks is a unique resource on collective memory.  The story of Tahawus is a significant aspect of regional history that spans decades.  Len’s thorough research delves into a previously uncultivated era, documenting a recent past that completes the engrossing narrative. Tahawus Memories is a valuable source for locals, visitors, students and scholars.”

Former Tahawus resident Craig Briggs remembered a ’55 Buick Century pulling alongside his bicycle. “How far to Lake Placid?”, the driver asked. “Oh, about 20 miles” I answered nodding my head north.

“But you can’t get there from here Mister, this road dead ends.” So it was that nobody ever “just passed through” Tahawus, and according to Briggs, neither will readers when they enjoy reading about life in his hometown.

“The book makes a great gift for former residents, their children and grandchildren, as well as those who want to learn more about the unique story of Tahawus village,” said Gereau. The book sells for $20.00 and profits will be directed to the Tahawus Legacy Education Fund to fund a scholarship. Information on the scholarship can be found at


To order, please send a check for $25.00 per book (includes postage and packaging) to Len Gereau, 1108 Ashland Avenue, Bedford, VA 24523. Make checks payable to TAHAWUS PROJECT EDUCATION FUND. Thank you.

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An applicant must identify a family connection to one or more relatives who lived in the village of Tahawus, New York, sometime during the period of 1941-1963.


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Dr. Joan A. Burke, Chair

Tahawus Legacy Education Fund

P.O. Box 406

Newcomb, NY  12852


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